Setting a New Standard in Energy Solutions Components

MW Energy Solutions is focused on designing and manufacturing highly engineered precision metal components and assemblies for the harshest upstream, midstream and downstream environments.

Coiled Springs - Compression, Extension, Torsion

Coiled Springs

Helically wound springs can be used in many different forms. Compression springs store energy in the compressed state, torsion springs apply rotational torque, and extension springs stretch to provide resistance to force. These are made from round wire and have a straight, cylindrical shape: however, many other variations can be designed using square or rectangular wire as well as conically shaped spring bodies. These coiled spring products are available in a variety of exotic alloys such as Inconel®, Elgiloy®, Hastelloy® and titanium to meet your most demanding application requirements.

Coiled Tubing Products

Coiled Tubing Products

Optimized designs for the energy industry with coiled formed tubing. These products utilize either seamless or welded tubing, typically in stainless or nickel-alloys and are formed or coiled into their final shape. The products can be made from a single-piece, have several pieces orbital welded together, and even have threaded ends cut onto them. Additionally, they can be combined with specialty end parts to form an assembly.

Soldered Brass Assembly


Manufacture custom designed Electroformed Bellows and Bellows Assemblies with unparalleled quality and commitment to meeting customer demanding specifications. Offer Nickel and/or Copper metal bellows with diameters from 0.020” up to 9” and with walls from 0.0002” up to 1/8” thick with multiple plies if necessary for higher pressure. Custom designed bellows offer long cycle-life repeatable reliability for use as flexible seals, volume compensators, pressure and/or temperature sensitive devices.

Metal Bellows

Metal Bellows

Edge-Welded bellows that are custom designed to meet any specification and assembled onto flanges to easily mate onto equipment. Offering stainless steel, Inconel®, titanium and other varied alloys for a reliable corrosion or heat resistant flexible sealed spring that responds to pressure and temperature or allows for variance in tolerance stack-up. Readily available Bellows sizes vary from 0.36” to 22” in diameter and 0.002” to 0.012” thick for a single ply and double-ply bellows are possible for higher pressure requirements. Assemblies can be made to meet virtually any design requirements.

Fastener - Nuts & Bolts, Threaded Studs, etc


Supporting a wide variety of fasteners for the oil, gas, subsea, and energy market, including, but not limited to, studs (all thread, tap-end, double-end), hex bolts, nuts, sockets, and specialty manufactured to print. Available in a vast range of material including exotic and offered in a variety of different style coatings and platings.

Industrial Leveling Shims

Shim Products

Industry leading alignment solutions that offere a wide variety of standard and custom shim products. This product line includes slotted shim kits and packs, coil shim stock, thick shims, feeler gage and custom shims to print. Can ship most standard products within 24 hours and turn most custom jobs in 3-5 days.

Soldered Brass Assembly

Spring Energizers

Industry leading V springs, U springs, helical springs, spring bands, full-contact springs, slant coil springs, -many more. Also offer laser welding and spring engineering assistance, as well as custom spring services for when only certain specifications will do.


We understand our customers’ application needs and deliver the best manufacturing solutions that are both cost effective and increase speed to market.


In the exploration and production sector of the petroleum industry, MW Energy Solutions components play a critical role in every aspect. You can find our parts in everything from steerable drilling motors and logging and wireline tools to completions equipment and wellheads. If it plays a role in getting the hydrocarbons out of the ground, you can count on MW Energy Solutions to supply the specialty components needed to be a success.


Transporting the oil from the source to the downstream markets effectively and efficiently is just as critical as getting it out of the ground.  MW Energy Solutions supply these critical components to the manufacturers of valves, compressors, pumps, pipelines and bolted flanges in a variety of options and alloys to ensure your products exceed expectations.


MW Energy Solutions precision components are found throughout the refining and process industries that make up this sector. Plant maintenance and turnaround activities install our products in petrochemical plant pumps, filters, seals, valves around the world. MW Energy Solutions provides the parts and service you need to build and maintain the equipment that puts petroleum industry products into the hands of the consumer.

Oil Refinery


Unmatched Performance in Demanding Global Environments

MW Energy Solutions specializes in custom designed and manufactured metal components for the harshest upstream, midstream and downstream environments: oil field equipment, oil field services, turbine machinery, pipeline, storage and petrochemical refineries.

Innovation and Advanced Engineering

Our technical expertise and commitment to pushing the boundaries of engineering excellence make us one of the most innovative suppliers in the energy market today. Our customers know they can rely on us for quick turnaround, rapid prototyping, rigorous testing and unique expertise in working with exotic materials. They also know our components will continue performing as specified, year after year, even in the most extreme operating conditions imaginable.

The Right Materials for the Most Demanding Requirements

Much of the innovation in the energy, oil and gas market is derived from the use of specialty materials so we place great emphasis on engineering and metallurgy. We have a wide-ranging expertise in handling metals and alloys that meet the industry’s specific performance requirements including Elgiloy®, Inconel®, and specialty stainless steels and titanium.

Quality and Industry Approvals

MW Energy Solutions is focused on continuous improvement and commitment to exceptional levels of quality and service at every stage from concept to delivery.

  • ISO 9001:2008 (2015)
  • Mil-I-45208A
  • Mil-Std-45662
  • TS 16949
  • ITAR Certified
  • RoHS Compliant
  • API 14 A&D


The key to our success is our coalition of industry-leading brands and the combined strength of their core competencies. Each brand offers a unique set of specialty products and excellence in engineering expertise.

Engineered Spring Products - Houston, Texas

Engineered Spring Products – Houston, TX

Engineered Spring Products® (ESP) is a solutions provider for problems involving compression springs, torsion springs, tube coiling assemblies, extension and garter springs, as well as Belleville washers / disc springs. We design and manufacture a wide variety of snap rings and flat form products such as bow and leaf springs. We offer spring design and engineering services to help maximize the performance of your design. Additional services include NDT, mechanical testing, shot peening, plating and complete heat and lot traceability.

USA Fastener Group - Houston, Texas

USA Fastener Group – Houston, TX

USA Fastener Group has an extensive line of manufacturing and master distribution capabilities and offers its customers a wide variety of coatings and plating. Some of these include PTFE coating (Xylan®, Fluorokote1®, sC1® and Sermagard®), zinc plating, cad plating, hot-dipped and mechanical galvanizing, hot forging and more. One of the many benefits USA Fastener Group offers is an emergency callout program and access to corporate representatives 24/7.

Maudlin Products - Kemah, Texas

Maudlin Products – Kemah, TX

Maudlin Products is built on a commitment to quality, craftsmanship and meeting the most demanding industrial requirements. With over 70 years of manufacturing experience, Maudlin is unparalleled in providing affordable, high quality products to satisfy the most unique requirements. Explore our line of Energizer V and U Spring, Helical Spring, Slant Coil Spring and Spring Engineering, as well as our Shim and Custom Shim line of products. Offering 24-hour turnaround on all stock items, and one of the fastest turnaround times for custom products in the industry, Maudlin knows what it takes to ensure your equipment is protected and your schedules are met.

Ameriflex - Corona, California

Ameriflex – Corona, CA

Ameriflex manufactures hydroformed metal bellows for the energy, semiconductor, aerospace and power generation industries. Ameriflex offers both bolt-style and clamp-style bellows assemblies, including flanges and expansion joints. Ameriflex combines engineering and manufacturing to deliver products with extremely close tolerances for demanding bellows applications.

BellowsTech - Ormond Beach, Florida

BellowsTech – Ormand Beach, FL

BellowsTech specializes in the design and manufacturing of edge welded metal bellows. With over a hundred die sizes and a wide variety of material choices from titanium to exotic alloys, BellowsTech is capable of producing custom bellows that can compress up to 90 percent of their free length.

Servometer - Cedar Grove, New Jersey

Servometer – Cedar Grove, NJ

Servometer is the worldwide leader of electrodeposited bellows and rigid electroforms. Through a unique and proprietary manufacturing process, Servometer is able to produce flexible, lightweight and extremely rugged bellows, couplings, electrical contacts and rigid electroforms in miniature sizes (as small as 0.20 inches) for a wide variety of applications that require strict tolerances or exotic materials.


Coiled Machined Tubing Product

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